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Alternate finance & efficiency: Ram of Integrow believes in the realty industry's big comeback

In this episode you will be listening to the views of Ram Yadav, the founder of Integrow Asset Management, about India's real estate sector. The real estate sector has taken a beating for the last decade mostly because of financial mismanagement and debt. But, things are looking up because the business is now gearing to service growing consumer demand in India. Ram enunciates why his company can turnaround several projects in India with tech and finance.


00:00 - Introduction.

01:45 - Ram talks about why the industry is maturing now.

04:31 - The business of Integrow Asset Managment.

11:19 - Real estate using tech and the need for efficiency.

15:40 - Why tie up with Aurum capital?

27:25 - The perils of being founder led when big capital comes in.

33:02 - Is strata sale done, the state of REITs & the opportunities in real estate yields.

45:35 - Why India does not have prop tech Unicorns in the global top ten list, it is all China....China! 53:17 - Size of the fund at Integrow Asset Management.

56:36 - Why reading inspires Ram.

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