We are a true-blue Real Estate Asset Management Company

Who We Are

Integrow is a next-generation real estate investing platform that combines the team’s institutional investment experience, proprietary technology, and active risk management. We empower investors through direct access, active risk management, and greater transparency.

What We Do

As a long-term and value-oriented investor, we analyze each investment with a primary focus on minimizing risk, protecting invested principal and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return.

Banking on India growth story

In India, the real estate and AMC industries are strategically poised to harness the country's growth momentum. With increasing urbanization and rising incomes, the demand for quality homes and investment options is soaring. The real estate sector is adapting to evolving preferences with sustainable and tech-driven projects, while AMCs are offering innovative investment products. This synergy between industries not only fuels their growth but also contributes to India's economic advancement.

We are a team of strong cultural values and efforts

We value a culture of excellence and believe that our work is a source of satisfaction and self-achievement. We place great emphasis on team member’s satisfaction, which we believe contributes to a humane organization.

Our Core Capabilities

Extensive Investing Experience

100+ years of combined investment experience.

Comprehensive Risk Management Framework

Globally accepted 3-tier risk management framework.


Trust and transparency are core to our governance framework.


Future proofing, sustainability goals, climate risk, etc.


Digital first driven by data intelligence.

Guided by Purpose: Inspiring a World of Possibilities and Growth

Our Vision

To bridge the vision of sustainable democratization of real estate with confidence, energy and integrity.

Our Mission

Ensuring every Indian has a real estate wallet

Our Core Values


We strive to ensure our solutions and investment models are executed with minimal complexity.


We inspire confidence in our partners and clients with 75+ years of experience in structuring, investing, and risk management in real estate.


We seek to consistently balance risk and opportunity in creating Alpha for all stakeholders.

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