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Integrow is a India's only Real Estate Focused Asset Management Company. Based on our Investor's objectives, we have different investment oppourtunities that offer superior returns.
Investors can expect high-teen returns which are distributed depending on the strategy they choose. On a conservative basis, 16-18% .
All our investments are backed up by Hard Real Estate Collaterals. Although we cannot guarantee as per SEBI regulations, our promoter's pedigree and fund managers track record speaks for itself.
Real Estate is the next most tangible asset after Gold. CAGR 26%, in 2030 the sector is expected to touch 3 trillion. Land and RE are scarce resources in metros. The population of homebuyers is dramatically growing due to urbanization and nuclearization. 13% of GDP comes from RE as a sector. Institutional investors have grown due to improvements in regulations like RERA/GST/NCLT/etc for transparency.
Direct RE is a cumbersome exercise. Our professional team handles the entire value chain. Given our scale, we are better equipped to ensure the highest return. (Estate Planning; you cannot split direct RE. You can split managed RE units.)
Typically, there are institutional investors and HNIs. We have to adhere to confidentiality. When you invest with us, we won't disclose your name either.
There are no pure-play RE focused Asset Management Companies in India. Globally, Brookfield and Blackstone similar.
In Yield, the drawdown period requires an immediate investment of 50 lakhs, with 25 lakhs planned in March and the balance 25 lakhs sometime in June. In Growth, we are only looking for Anchor Investors and the terms will be discussed by our CEO-Ram Yadav.
We aim to do 10% p.a distribution and balance 6-8% will be compounded 10-12% annual return, which is typically distributed on a quarterly basis. There is an upside that is distributed closer to redemption.
Above 3x return over the investment period.
There is no method to directly exit the fund as per SEBI regulations. However, I can introduce you to Vinayak, our manager, who can guide you through secondary market exit. There will be some discount applicable depending on NAV, investor pipeline, etc. at the time of your request.
There is a 2% management fee, 0.5% expenses fee and a 2% set up fee. However, there are hurdle rates to ensure that investors earn before the fund earns. These are negotiable based on ticket sizes.
Integrow Real Estate Special Situation Fund
Integrow Asset Management Private Limited
Fund is managed by Integrow which is India’s only real estate focused asset management company. Integrow has well established pre and post investment frameworks. Potential Investments are screened through proprietary evaluation methodologies pre-investment and are under constant monitoring of the asset monitoring team.
Opportunistic Real Estate residential investments yielding IRR >18%. In demand driven markets of Mumbai and Pune Investment only for project value enhancement through maturity, No refinancing or promoter take out Crystalized potentials
both the markets are demand driven. High absorptions and mature markets Provides volume with price stability
• Institutional Investors • Family Offices • UHNIs and HNIs
Fund invests into structured instruments into managed assets with minimum variance on the return even during volatile external factors. This should be a part of overall portfolio to diversify and generate superior risk adjusted returns for the portfolio.
Investments in the portfolio companies will be in form of Debt/Quasi- Equity instruments. These securities will consist largely of a coupon payment and upside tracked through share of performance of total sale receipts of the project
Considering that the Investments are generally in a special purpose vehicle (Issuer entity) with only the project as the asset, the investment instruments are usually unrated and unlisted.
There’s a dedicated RM assigned to help complete the entire onboarding process. Kfintech is the appointed registrar and transfer agent(RTA) by the fund Integrow has a digital onboarding process through which investor or their representative can submit requisite KYC requirements online. Post which contribution agreement is sent to investor’s email id which needs to be digitally signed (Aadhar authentication or digital signature) and acknowledged. Post that there’s a drawdown notice which is sent, that contains details of the drawdown %
The fund would be buying ₹3000 to ₹4000 Cr of properties in total and the existing stock is ₹8 lakh crore and the new stock in the next 4-5 years is ₹80,000 Cr.
We have developed a proprietary 48-point scorecard to objectively grade an office building. Any property above the score of 6.0 is considered as a candidate for being Grade A property. This scorecard is updated annually.
Most commonly Grade A buildings are defined as These buildings are investment grade and represent the highest quality buildings in their market. They are generally the best looking buildings with the best construction, and possess high-quality building infrastructure.
The Fund is a SEBI Registered Category II Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) that will be investing in Grade A offices in Top 6 Cities. The Fund is structured as a tax efficient pass through structure.
• Grade A Office building (entire building with land) • Top 6 cities only • 5-10 properties • Ideally property value of 200 cr – ₹ 800 cr • Entire buildings and not strata or suites • In-depth due diligence over a 2-3 months.
The fund will employ a robust and comprehensive risk management framework. The fund will employ 3-level risk management framework – market risk, portfolio risk and property risk. In the simplest terms, the Fund will be investing in 5-10 properties and will actively manage risk
Commercial real estate provides a plethora of opportunities to create wealth in India. The downside is the breadth and depth of risks involved. Knowledge of local markets and regulations for multiple agencies and constantly changing government rules, taxes, etc, and add to that fully understanding the impact of a plethora of property maintenance details, is a must to achieving a solid return on investment. In short, Integrow provides a safer way for you to investment in Grade A Office buildings and achieve solid returns.
• Direct deals from proprietary network of developers, consultants, brokers, bankers, etc. • Off-market deals from developers, banks, etc. • Use a top-down approach – to target micro market and geographical areas which meet investment criteria • Use this along with a bottom-up approach by identifying specific opportunities not marketed widely using personal relationships, etc
The Fund will be focusing on mid-segment ₹200-800 Cr properties. This segment has very limited competition because: • Large Foreign Funds & REITs such as CPPIB focus on large properties > ₹1000 Cr • Direct Investment by Investors – Do not invest in large independent assets directly & mostly strata buyers. They focus on smaller sizes of less than ₹100-150 Cr
• The fund does not provide any assurance on the return. • Since the fund looks at investing in underlying properties that have predictable cashflows in form of rental income from creditworthy marquee tenants, downside risk is limited
A Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a service which provides professional management of investments to create wealth. It aims to cater to the investment needs of individuals or entities with high net worth value by providing them with investment solutions.
Composite Re Enhanced Active Multi Asset Portfolio
Integrow Asset Management Private Limited
Product is managed by Integrow which is India’s only real estate focussed asset management company. Integrow is the pioneer of Real Estate-Based PMS in India. We specialize in leveraging the opportunities presented by the dynamic market, offering investors exclusive access to this lucrative asset class. Team has decades of RE investment, investment manager for alternative management in RE.
Our PMS adopts a multi-asset strategy, encompassing listed equities, listed REITS, listed debt, and unlisted debt (In case of discretionary PMS). This comprehensive approach allows us to optimize returns and manage risks effectively, ensuring a well-rounded and diversified portfolio for our investors. Investment thesis is to generate superior returns with the aim to distribute returns periodically with downside protection and upside participation.
In discretionary portfolio management service, the portfolio manager (Integrow AMC) individually and independently manages the funds and securities in accordance with the needs of the client. Under the non-discretionary portfolio management service, the portfolio manager manages the funds in accordance with the directions of the client
The Indian real estate market presents significant growth potential, with expectations to reach a market size of US$1 trillion by 2030 and contribute 13% to the country's GDP by 2025.
• Retail Investors • UHNIs and HNIs • Institutional Investors • Family Offices
Integrow focuses on the Real Estate sector and related industries within this universe. This investment selection includes REITs, HFCs, developer companies, construction companies, construction equipment providers, and construction material suppliers.
Integrow employs a rigorous selection process that carefully evaluates investment opportunities. From the vast universe of 3500+ listed companies, approximately 30 opportunities are shortlisted based on their growth prospects and potential for generating attractive returns
At Integrow, we regularly have exciting career opportunities across various departments, including roles in various teams which includes Investment, Capital Markets, Enterprise . Check our Careers page for the latest openings
Applying for a job at Integrow is simple. Visit our Careers page on the company website to explore current job listings. Follow the application instructions provided for each position.
Integrow highly values candidates who demonstrate specific qualities essential to our work environment. We prioritize individuals who exhibit adaptability, effective communication skills, strong problem-solving abilities, and a dedicated commitment to excellence. These qualities align with our organizational culture(Simplicity,Confidence,Alpha) and contribute to the success of our teams.
While we primarily accept applications for specific openings, you can express your interest by submitting your resume. We'll keep it on file for future opportunities that align with your skills.
Our recruitment process involves reviewing applications, conducting initial interviews, assessments, and final interviews with key team members. Successful candidates will receive a job offer.
Absolutely! Integrow offers enticing internship and entry-level programs meticulously crafted to provide participants with invaluable experience and abundant opportunities for professional growth in the dynamic field of real estate asset management.
Integrow differentiates itself as an employer in the real estate industry through its distinctive attributes. These include a collaborative and inclusive workplace culture, competitive benefits, and an unwavering commitment to fostering the professional growth and development of its employees.
At Integrow, we take pride in fostering a culture of career advancement, actively supporting our employees' professional journey. Our commitment to your growth is underscored by comprehensive learning programs, valuable mentorship opportunities, individually tailored development plans, and a dedicated initiative to promote talent from within the organization. Your professional advancement is a priority at Integrow, reflecting our dedication to nurturing and empowering our team members.
The work environment at Integrow is dynamic and collaborative, fostering teamwork and innovation. We prioritize a positive and inclusive culture that values the contributions of every team member.
Integrow supports employee development through training programs, workshops, and ongoing educational opportunities. Additionally, we encourage employees to pursue further education and relevant professional certifications.
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