Residential Real Estate

Integrow Real Estate Special Situation Fund (IREF) (SEBI registered-Cat ||)

As both a technology platform and marketplace, Integrow provides investors with the ability to pursue highly vetted institutional graded Real Estate opportunities. Combining the team's institutional investment experience, proprietary technology and active risk management, Integrow empowers investors through direct access, fee-efficiency, and greater transparency.

Fund at a

IREF is a category II AIF focused on investing in debt and quasi-equity instruments in geographies such as Mumbai metropolitan region and Pune to provide primarily 'completion financing' or investment in inventory-backed securities.

Asset Class





High-yielding working


Completion and
last-mile funding


Mumbai and Pune


Independent Advisory
Board and Investment


Fixed Coupon +
Redemption Premium


Active asset
management backed
by proptech ecosystem

Residential Strategies

Our investment team meticulously underwrites projects, employing a detailed analysis of project feasibility, key financial metrics, and operational performance. We utilize advanced technology for advanced evaluation and continuous monitoring throughout the project's lifecycle. This ensures maximization of Investors capital and returns.

Resi - Structured


Strategic structuring through Senior Secured instruments, presenting a dual advantage of yield and equity upside.

Resi - Secure


Charge over project, cashflow and development rights.

Resi - Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risk through technology led Real time asset monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some questions you may already have!

Integrow Real Estate Special Situation Fund 

Integrow Asset Management Private Limited 

Fund is managed by Integrow which is India’s only real estate focussed asset management company. Integrow has well established pre and post investment frameworks. Potential Investments are screened through proprietary evaluation methodologies and are under constant monitoring of the asset monitoring team. 

Opportunistic Real Estate residential investments yielding IRR >18% 

  • In demand driven markets of Mumbai and Pune 
  • Investment only for project value enhancement through maturity, No refinancing or promoter take out 
  • Crystalized potentials 
  • Institutional Investors 
  • Family Offices 
  • UHNIs and HNIs 

The fund invests into structured instruments into managed assets with minimum variance on the return even during volatile external factors. It is a part of the overall portfolio to diversify and generate superior riskadjusted returns for the portfolio. 

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