Pioneers That Have Shaped The Real Estate Industry In India: Integrow AMC’s Leadership Team

Today, the real estate sector stands as a vast, unpredictable ocean. Much like how sailors seek the guidance of seasoned navigators, investors find solace in trusting experts to chart a course through the uncertainty. This blog explores how the leaders at Integrow AMC, with combined experience of 120+ years, act as reliable captains, using their knowledge as a steady guide through the twists and turns of the real estate world. 

The Integrow Stamp of Expertise 

1. Navigating Alternative Markets

The complexities of these markets require a nuanced understanding, and Integrow’s team boasts a wealth of experience in successfully manoeuvring through them. This proficiency allows for strategic decision-making that goes beyond conventional approaches, unlocking opportunities that others might overlook.

2. Democratising Real Estate

Real estate, often considered an exclusive domain, takes centre stage in Integrow’s strategy. The democratisation of real estate is not just a goal but a principle that guides the organisation. Ramashray Yadav, a prominent figure in India’s real estate sector, exemplifies this commitment through his extensive experience and leadership. As the former CEO at Edelweiss – Real Estate, Mr. Yadav managed a substantial real estate portfolio, contributing to the broader vision of making real estate accessible to a wider audience.

3. Prioritizing Investor Interests

Ensuring investor satisfaction is a cornerstone of Integrow’s philosophy. The team recognises the importance of prioritising investor interests in every decision and transaction. 

As a true fiduciary, Integrow ensures zero compromise for them. Be it a clear line of communication, or straying away from promising farfetched returns, we ensure 100% transparency with every stakeholder. This value is reflected as well, in our investment philosophy, the projects we choose to invest in, and the developers we associate ourselves with.

4. Application of Innovative Technology

Innovation is the heartbeat of successful asset management, and Integrow takes pride in its application of cutting-edge technology. This commitment is not just about keeping up with trends but actively shaping the future. The fusion of experience with technology sets Integrow apart, ensuring that clients benefit from the best of both worlds.

Ramashray Yadav: A Beacon of Real Estate Expertise

Meet Mr. Ram Yadav, a luminary in India’s real estate industry. Armed with a Harvard Business School degree and over 20 years of experience spanning Construction, Real Estate, Banking, and Investment, Mr. Yadav’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His tenure as the CEO at Edelweiss – Real Estate, managing a portfolio exceeding 5,000 Crores, showcases his exceptional organisational and investment skills. He led India’s first Real Estate IPO for Orbit Corporation Ltd., leaving an indelible mark on the sector. 

As a Board Member for Aurum Proptech Ltd., India’s first NSE listed Proptech Company, Mr. Yadav continues to shape the real estate and Proptech landscape. According to Mr. Yadav, what is lacking in the real estate sector is not a lack of funds, but a glaring absence of monitoring, zero use of technology and an opaque way of functioning. He explains his move to onboard Aurum PropTech –

“Integrow is laying down new rules for the real estate market. The idea was to build together a proptech company, and our visions matched.” 

Mehul Naik: Mastering the Real Estate Asset Lifecycle


Mehul Naik, a seasoned real estate finance professional with 25 years of experience, brings a holistic understanding of the real estate asset lifecycle to Integrow. His industry expertise spans acquisition, development, finance, and asset management, making him a valuable asset to the team. As a qualified Urban Planner and Architect with a certification in Real Estate Development Management from Harvard, Naik’s unique blend of technical and commercial skills has consistently enhanced asset value. Mehul Naik says –

“It is very necessary to understand the intricacies and complexities of the sector and that is what this single focus has provided us.

With that opportunity over a period of time we could dive deeper into the real estate sector, talk to all the stakeholders, be it developers, bankers, contractors, and architects, and then you make investment decisions which are definitely going to be much more insightful, more productive, more rewarding.”

Ashish Mundada: A Visionary in Commercial Real Estate

Ashish Mundada, the Head of Commercial Real Estate (Investments) at Integrow, brings a wealth of experience from his experience at Edelweiss and BlackRock. His pivotal role in growing BlackRock’s Private Debt platform to $8+ billion AUM in just 5 years attests to his strategic prowess. With academic credentials from prestigious institutions and a distinguished career, Mundada is a key player in Integrow’s mission to redefine commercial real estate.

Internal Alignment for External Results

In the world of asset management, internal alignment is not just a buzzword at Integrow; it’s a guiding principle. The philosophy and culture embedded within the team play a pivotal role in delivering external results. This commitment to cohesion ensures that every member is aligned with the overarching vision, creating a synergy that resonates in every client interaction and decision.

The Integrow Stamp of Expertise is not just a badge; it’s a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. With leaders like Ramashrya Yadav, Ashish Mundada, and Mehul Naik at the forefront, Integrow continues to shape the narrative of expertise in asset management, proving that experience and vision are indeed the cornerstones of success in this dynamic industry.

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